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Tennessee Safe Driving Practices to Avoid Collisions and Accidents in Johnson City

A lot of Tennessee  drivers are actually endangering not only their lives but also other people’s lives due to distracted driving. Admittedly, about 90% of drivers use smartphones, audio devices and navigation devices while driving. However, study shows that drivers who focus on the road are 4 times less likely to be involved in collisions.

reckless-drivingThere are times when we cannot resist using our phones to text, type, dial or talk. Little do we know that there are actually ways to make it possible to answer calls without getting your eyes off the road. It is crucial that you know about these safe driving practices in Johnson City so read on and by the time you finish this article, you will know how to driver even safer than before.

Get a mount – If you are using your phone’s GPS for navigation in Tennessee, you should seriously consider getting a mount. It is important that you also place your phone where you can easily see it. This way, you can keep track of where you are going without any difficulty. There are a lot of phone mounts out there. If you think a dash mount would obstruct your view of the road, you can choose an air vent phone holder instead.

Set before you get behind the wheel – Whether you are planning on using your GPS or listening to your playlist, you must set these things up before you drive. You might get in an accident even if you looked away for a split second to change the setting on your GPS or MP3.

mountGo handsfree – When driving, your hands should be behind the wheel and not on the screen of your phone or buttons of your devices trying to change a setting, type a text or dial someone’s number.

There are a lot of accessories that allow Tennessee  users to use their devices hands-free. You can also voice activated commands too. That would save you from manually doing something while you’re on the road.

These are important tips that you should keep in mind whenever you are driving. There are actually laws in some countries that consider distracted driving as a serious offense. It doesn’t even have to be out into law before every one of us realizes that we should put as much attention into our driving to prevent accidents and collisions.